Online Poker Room

Online Poker  Room

Online Poker  is part of the Poker Network. This may not mean much to newbies, but that means there are a huge number of people playing at any time. Finding a place to sit will really be no problem. The network is growing more and more each day and I am pretty sure that it will become the biggest network around (If it isn’t already). If you have been cruising the online gambling industry for a while, then you would have stumbled across Online Poker  on a number of occasions. They have been around for quite some time now, so they have established themselves pretty well in the industry.

My first impression when I got to Online Poker was, “hmm.. great – another Poker room” but was intrigued to try it out when I saw the offer of $10 no deposit bonus. This I haven’t seen at other Poker rooms yet. This is really cool to try out the games and interact with other real money players to get an impression of what this place is like. The games run smoothly and the connection was excellent at all times. I was really impressed. There were so many different tables to play at with all sorts of different pots etc. I jumped in with the $10, thinking.. “Oh well .. let’s play for a few minutes – it is free money!” After 2 hours, I was up $40. Online Poker is definitely a place that suites all budgets. This is what gambling should be about. Getting the maximum fun out of the game with your kind of budget. Naturally, for those that are into higher stakes, these are available for you too.

The support is a little on the slow side in my opinion. I got an answer from them in just over 4 hours. But I guess that could be just me being petty. They did answer personally (No standard auto mail) and it was answered on the same day and effectively.